Rawr, Baby <3

Because I'm just a girl

14 July
Yeah... I'm Nora.
I'm 14 and I live in Norway. I live with my dad, my sister. My dad's girlfriend comes to sleepover alot, but thats okay, cause she's really nice and she lends me her oil paint stuff ;)
Every other week, I live with my mum, sister and Jason. Yeah. My parents are divorced. I'm ok though. I don't care. The only thing I don't like about this is that I have to pack all my things every week. I hate packing.

I'm just an average teen girl. I listen to punk hard rock. Ace school without caring. Participate in wierd hobbies. Love arguing with stuck up whores. Have almost no friends. Believe in magic. Thinks Satan is the real god who had his powers taken away by God who really is evil. Watch way to much horror movies. Have a bad habit of stalking people online.

I really don't like being like everyone else. I love to draw. I'm thinking about making a webcomic. I like sewing and designing clothes. I play guitar and I really want to start a band. If only I could convince the two friends that I have that it would be a good idea. I do the rubic's cube in under 3 minutes. And I'm a great actor.

I told you. Just like a normal girl :)