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I hate her.

There was a new girl at school a while ago. She had dyed hair and big black goth boots. I thought she looked awesome and decided I wanted to be friends with her. Only problem was my shyness. So... I never dared to approach her untill... Sylvia, one of my bestest friends who I've known scince I was 3 sat next to her in norweigan class. I had a different class at that time and they got along without me. They started to hang out. A lot. So I tried to hang out with them as well, seeing as I thought she was so cool and all that. I tried to talk to her, but she always answered short and continued to talk to Sylvia. Why was she ignoring me?
I was friendly towards her
I don't smell bad
I'm not too ugly
I wasn't wearing any really hideous clothes
So... Why was she being like this?
Whenever I was with the both of them, she was just not talking to me and Sylvia gets really caught in the conversation (like she always does) and didn't pay attention to me being left out. No matter how much tried to get invovled in the conversation, she just wouldn't let me join.
She's been acting really snobby and she whisper and laugh with her friends whenever I walk by.

Another thing is she doesn't do anything at all. I know that I tend to sleep in class, and not do any work, and skip homework, but at least I have the decency to not just ignore everyone when we do groupwork. She didn't do anything at all.

As Sylvia is the only person in our class that she knows, they have been doing things together alot. I really feel that she is stealing my best friend away from me. I never get to see her.
She is so evil.

So... Camp refugee is tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it because I'll be there with Sylvia and Nathalie, and guess what. Veronika won't be there. So 'hah' to her.
Because she is so stupid.

Aaaand... over to something else. I believe, Kim has brains. Ya. He doesn't talk much and he seems to do rather poor in school, but I think that he really is a deeply emotional and intelligent person. He jsut hasn't noticed yet.
Me and Nathalie accidentally hacked his account on the school network and read his norwegian test where we had to write a story. It was surprisingly good. And he's kinda ugly. But he's hot. ...Somehow.

And why that text was underlined, I don't know. I can't seem to change it back...


I totally posted a fucked up question on yahoo answers
They all laughed
Why didn't you come and save me?
Nathalie forced me to learn a backflip yesterday. And then she promised she would call me John for the rest of my life if I didn't do it.
So I did it.
Several times.
And the last time I broke my nose

...Well, not really
But it is really red and swollen
Besides, it hurts like hell

But it was fun.


OMG. I'm gonna have the japanese katakana alphabet stuck in my head all week. It's so cathcy.
I guess it's a good thing though... At least I'll learn it

Skrivesperre: First Things First

Who (or what) do you consider to be your first love?

Who: Ok. So I'm actually gonna tell you this. Because I doubt that he'll ever read it. I'm even gonna post his real name. Because I feel like it.
(Don't laugh. I know his name will probably sound really wierd in your language, but that's because his name is norwegian and in Norway it's a very usual name. Just like I would laugh at someone called Borislav Yankovic)

I fell in love with him in the second grade. When I was 7. When I was in the third grade, Andrea forced me to tongue kiss with him under the mattress in the pillow room at the after school club. Then I moved to England. Half way liking him ish all the time when I lived in England. When I got back to Norway in year seven, he asked me out. I broke up with him after 3 days because I was an insecure brat who was too shy to say that I didn't want to hang out with him all the time and I needed some space.

I started liking him again last year (year eight). Then earlier this year I found out that I don't fancy him anymore. But we still talk occasionally and I still find myself missing what we had because he was the only guy who ever really cared for me.

It's now it strikes me that I've spent 7 years of my life liking him. How weird am I? :)
But he's a pervert and has the same hair as my grandma. So were just (almost) friends now.

What: Music. It''s my medicine. I swear. Whenever I feel really terrible I  scream to stuff like  Limp Bizkit and stuff and then I always have to listen to Miyavi afterwards for my brain not to break. It always makes me feel a whole lot better. And I love my ipod. I take it with me almost everywhere. Because it has awesome music on it :)

And now I'm gonna go off topic. Like I always do.
I don't know how I'll last at Camp Refugee without my phone. Not that I use it so much because I definitely don't. I just feel so much safer when I have it with me. I never leave the house without it.

But at least I won't have any trouble being served very little food. That will be fun. All the other kids will be starving whilst me and Nathalie will be just fine because we've skipped meals so many times that our hunger feeling has gone away :)

Hold on a sec. I just thought of something. What if this camp is just to see who as eating disorders/problems. All the starving kids are the normal ones and the people who seem just fine will be labeled as anorectic. Then they will lock us away.
I'm so paranoid.

By the way. Livejournal is really weird because half of it is in english and the rest is in norwegian. So if it says Skrive Sperre at the top of my post, just know that that means writers block :)

Skrivesperre: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post)

You finally have an excuse to use it—what userpic do you not get to use very often but can't delete because it's just that awesome?
I only have one :(
It's because all my other pictures are too big and I can't be arsed to resize them...

I just realized that all my music automatically goes onto my itunes when its finished downloading from limewire.
Thats awesome!

I used to hate the new limewire (Limewire 5) because it looks wierd and the downloads are slow to show up and I was going to downgrade it to Limewire 4, but now I don't care because I found the song I wanted to download :D Yay
Miyavi - Fomunshou No Hime

Mar. 28th, 2009

Have I ever told you how much I love Miyavi?
And the new hole in my ear?
And Nigahiga on youtube?
And how great my hair looks after I cut the new layers?
And you?

Yes Kim You. I am refering to you.

Earth Hour is fun :)


Oh, and I love all my fans.
Even though I don't have any
I don't care...
I'm in such a good mood,
so I can easily pretend that I have loads of loving fans
without feeling retarded :)


I forgot to tell you that I wrote
"I'm gonna betch slap you shetbags"
in the snow at the train station
Really big and all so everyone could read it
Because Kelly rules.
Let's get some shoes

Seriously this time

Edit: For those of you who understand norweigan (and who care), I'm posting the poem that I randomly improvised in town today XD
Der er toget
Hvor går det?
Vi tar det
OMG. I totally just pierced my ears myself. How cool is that? I always knew I was gonna do it, I just didn't quite know how.
So I just did it.
It started bleeding like hell and I just stood there laughing.
It was awesomely funny
Guess what time it is. It's 06:01. I woke up at 04:37!
I'm such a tard.
And I had feta cheese for breakfast.

But at least this time I know what's going on...
I'm in love <3
1Where do you go to shop for clothes?

2Do you buy your own groceries?

3Do you think people talk about you behind you're back? 
Yes. Paranoid much

4When's the last time you had a sour gummy worm? 
About 2 hours ago. But it was a sour gummy car...

5Whats your favorite fruit? 

6If there was a fire, what would be the first thing you would grab? 
Your ass :)

7Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel? 

8Have you ever tried to build something?
Yup. Many times

9Do you play with legos? 

10Do you play with barbies?

11Who's your favorite Disney Princess? 
None of them really

12Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? 
No :(

13Would you rather have blue skin or purple skin? 

14Have you ever gotten a sunburn? 
I don't think so. I don't burn easily.

15Have you eaten snow? 

16Have you watched Star Wars, any of the six? 
All. But I never want to watch number III again. It made me sad. Left me in a depressed state for days. I sooo didn't want him to become evil :(

17Do you have a fuzzy pen? 
Yah. Who doesn't?

18Do you fix your bed? 
Why tha hell would I want to do that?

19What color are your bedsheets? 
Pink ...I think

20Do you wear slippers?

21What is the coolest lamp you own? 
The red bedside lamp I bought for 50 pence at the second hand fair at school

22What's your favorite flower? 

23Did you go or do you want to go to prom? 
Yah sure.

24What does your tissue box look like? 
Tissue box? What tissue box?

25Did you ever open a lemonade stand?
No :)

26Were you or are you in ballet? 
Yaw lyk ttlly. Whn I wuz 8. Yarr

27Do you listen to classical music? 
Not much

28What's the longest book you've read? 
Meh... Dunno. I rarely read books less than 500 pages. Think I've read a 800 page one...

29What smiley best represents you?

30What do you do when you are stuck? 
Stuck where? In a hole? In handcuffs? On a hard question? TELL ME!!! WHAT?

31Do you have a "wacky noodle"? 
No way Jose

32Do you have your own pool? 
What do you think. My best friend is like the richest person in the whole town. And I always have loads of money on me. ...so, no.

33Do you have a website where you put your pictures on? 
Yaw. Like everywheree :D

34Do you watch Spongebob? 
Oh my gash. Yes. How did you know?

35What kind of car do you want? 
Honda. 'Cos I'm sooo cool.

36Last food you ate? 
...wait. No, I mean sandwhich (pun intended)

37Last nice thing you did for someone? 
Paied for some canday

38Do you make presents?

39Do you make your own jewelry? 
So does my dad. lol

40How many questions are left in this survey? 

41Are you in advanced classes? 
Sure I am

42Do people consider you as smart?

43Do you collect anything? 

44Do you collect a series of a certain book? 

45What time is it? 

46Is your away message on? 
Yes and
"Andrea has just logged on"

47Do a lot of your friends have xanga

48Do you have premium? 

49Have you ever been to Jamaica? 
 No man

50Do you make your own cards? 
yea D.I.Y FTW

51Have you ever tried gluing your fingers together? 
Yup. Funfun ;)

52What was the stupidest thing you've done? 
Melt plastic in class with a lighter.
And I didn't get caught. How cool is that.

53How many languages do you know? .
Know how to speak or know of? Rofl
Alternative 1: Norweigan, English, I take french in school and I'm learning japanese on my own.
Alternative 2: How many languages do I know of... Hmmm. Quite alot

54Can you skip stones? 

55Where did you get this survey from? 

Today :: 

& What's the weather like? 
Cloudy in japanese. Look it up

& What did you do?
Go to school.
Be cool.
Go hyper.
Make a dress.
Buy candy.

& Have you eaten breakfast yet?
Yaw. Surprisingly enough

& What did you eat? 
Untoasted toas = bread

& What do you see when you like out the window or door? 

& Have you exercised? 

& What do you plan to do for the rest of the day or tomorrow?

& When did you wake up? 

& Have you eaten lunch yet?

& What did you eat? 
Untoasted toast = bread

& Have you gone out to eat and where?

& Did you buy anything? 
Candy :)

& Has something changed drastically today? 
My current mood

& Are you happy? 

& Did you sing aloud today? 
Yup. I sang:
Sunday bloody sunday - Paramore cover
Number 2 - Cyaneed
What's this - Nightmare before christmas soundtrack
This Voice - Ane Brun
And some other random singalong to the itunes on shuffle

& Did you talk to a friend on the phone? 
Naw. But we talked all day at school

& On AIM? 
No. No ones online :(

& In person? 

& Did you get mail?

& What was it (junk, bills, personal letters)? 

& How many times have you gone to the bathroom so far? 

& Have you taken a nap?

& How long have you been on the computer? 
Ages. Sister is nagging me for it

& What are you listening to at the moment? 
Hannah Montana :P

& What is one thing that happened today that you will never forget? 
Material store. Woot

& Is anyone in the room with you?
No. But my sister is in the room nextdoor

& How many people are on your buddy list, if you're on it?
On what?

& Are you feeling lazy? 

& Are you feeling bored?

& What have you accomplished today? 
Loads of happy things

& Was there any questions that were repeated?

Don't think so

Bye :D